Warm Fuzzies – Alumni & Special Friends

This page is dedicated to Evening Edition alumni and special friends.  We have such warm memories of good times shared with many amazing people over the years…and are  blessed to be connected with many club members still…as always, the spirit of Evening Edition lives on.  This website just wouldn’t be right without their comments ‘immortalized for the world to gaze upon”.  (loosely quoted from S. Johnson)

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EE 25th Anniversary Celebration alumni copy

Wow, so many wonderful memories were shared at our 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Thank you to all of our alumni who sent us Special Anniversary Telegrams…we cherish your sentiments…

  • Bob M…To all Evening Edition Toastmasters, Old and New Guests Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary, a great accomplishment. I first got involved in Evening Edition way back in 2001 when I was working towards my DTM. I took on the task of mentoring your club that was down to four members. Vesna, Marilyn and myself put our heads together and advertised in the Peace Arch News that the club mentored new Public Speakers. The meetings were held in White Cliff Retirement Home and the only guests were some of the elderly residents but they usually fell asleep shortly after the meetings started and the meetings were a wee bit rough between the Snoring and occasional ?????!’s. Not Good. But soon new guests started to roll in wanting to be helped in Public Speaking. Most needed these skills for work, others were just interested.  One night we got a guest/new member named Ros H. Ever heard of her?? Talk about Roll Up Your Sleeves and let’s getter done!!! I think our Motto was Laugh Hard and the Learning will follow and it did. We bent the Toastmasters Rules to help those who were petrified and gave them their Table Topic a few days before the meeting and it worked. We made house calls to help with Speeches and it worked. When people blew a speech, we made light of it and it was never a problem and that worked as well.  I have to congratulate you all for your success at working together to help yourselves and helping others who want to learn how to Public Speak. The Biggest Fear for men is Public Speaking and the Biggest Fear for Women is Death by Fire (I never could figure that one out).  Have a great night, sorry I couldn’t be there,
  • Vesna K…I was delighted to hear from you and learn about Evening Edition’s Toastmaster’s 25 Anniversary.  Unfortunately, I am unable to attend.   1993 seems like a really long time ago.  I am recalling now that I first attended a Toastmaster’s meeting in 1998.  All the details of my Toastmaster history are filed somewhere in my brain and I am sure I can retrieve them with some memory homework; however, I can easily recall all the people I have meet over the years through Toastmasters.  It is these contacts that enriched my learning and provided me with the motivation to develop communication and leadership skills.   Ros, as some of the Toastmasters’ alumni may recall, I moved to Edmonton in 2005.  I fondly remember the going away party you hosted for me.  The warm memories from that night still remind me of how wonderful a group of Toastmasters we had at the time.  I thank you for that evening! Now I recall how some people questioned my sanity when they heard that I was moving from White Rock to Edmonton.  Even the people at the moving companies were curious about my move. Some even asked, what did you do wrong – leaving White Rock to go to Edmonton?  As I said then and as I say now – there is a time and a place for everything in life.   My journey since 2005 took me back to Edmonton where I lived with my parents and went back to school to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  I currently work at a shelter for women and children who are fleeing family violence.  I also have had a wonderful time reconnecting with my parents and siblings here in Edmonton especially since being away from Edmonton since 1980.  At that time in my youthful impulses I ventured out to the west coast to explore the world. I sense that the yellow light has gone off and I need to wrap up.  Congratulations Evening Edition Toastmaster’s on your 25th Anniversary.  I know that there are many people in the club’s history that have put in a lot of time, energy and commitment to support the club and enabling it to flourish. I am in awe of all these efforts.  I extend my gratitude to all the people I have meet through Toastmasters! Warmest wishes,
  • Mike L…Wow…so great to hear from you and White Rock EETM!  What a wonderful thing that you are still involved with the club!  Yay for you!!!  How are you?  Hope you and Bruce are doing well! Thank you for the kind invite to the 25th Anniversary of White Rock EETM Celebration.  HAAA!  Sounds like pure unadulterated AWESOMENESS!  Sorry that I will not be able to make it.  Should be fun…. buuuttt that means the big White Rock Celebration is an RSVP regret for me.  There sure were a lot of laughs and fun at EETM and I learned so much from the program.  Those skills I have carried with me and although a bit rusty now… I still call upon them from time to time.  I am sure most of the faces have changed at EETM, but the integrity of the great Club is still there and going strong.  Please feel free to read this e-mail out.  I wish I had time to craft something inspiring or witty for a Club that meant so much to me but maybe just telling everyone that, and taking the time to let them know that they absolutely and most positively have impacted my life.  In a world where so much is changing, where what is new today is old tomorrow, it is a testament to a EETM and the Toastmasters program that it has lasted a quarter century and is still going strong!  Bravo EETM! Hugs and Cheers to you and everyone,
  • Terri T…Have fun everyone! Would love to join but the Netherlands is a bit of a commute!  It’s beautiful to see how far the club has grown since the early days (I was a member 2002-2006)!! Evening Edition Toastmasters was a wonderful environment where I developed many cherished and lasting friendships and went from crying the first time I had to stand up and talk in the group to becoming a competent toastmaster and giving a presentation confidently in front of group of 800 people. Thanks so much for the experiences and especially to Ros Hansen, our exceptional and inspirational leader! Enjoy the event and say hi for me to anyone from the good ol’ days!! big hugs,
  • Samuel J…Congratulations to all the toastmasters of Evening Edition who have stretched, risked & grown to better not only themselves but also humanity.  My years with EE are rich with golden memories and I’m deeply indebted to those who have kept the “lights on” trained me and guided me in supporting others on their journey.  regrets that I will not be able attend. Deep love and respect.
  • Sue B…thanks so much for thinking of me. I can’t attend because I offered to be in North Van that day/night for grandkids as it’s Meg’s birthday on the 20th.
  • Marina A…I am in Puerto Vallarta now but flying 2 Vancouver this Saturday thus yes, I will be delighted to be part of this 25th Evening Edition important celebration!! C U soon. I would to personally Thank You for all your efforts in EV TM, and for keeping this fantastic group going…. Have A great evening like no Edition can lol
  • Violette C…Thank you for the invite! I am so sorry. As you know we live in Sechelt – I am having company that week! COngrats – you have done such a good job of training and helping others with the Evening edition. I am so happy I was a part of the group for a short while
  • Luisa R…Sorry, I’m leaving with my boyfriend that same day to the States for a few days. Otherwise, I’d love to come! I imagine there will be quite a few Toasties from the past there. What a shame! I hope everyone has a wonderful time! And I look forward to seeing the photos on Facebook!
  • Dave C… Good to hear from you.  I hope that life is going well and everyone is happy and healthy.  I have been retired now for 7 years, and I do not know why I am so busy!  Our life is good with lots of traveling. Next one is a 12-day Rafting trip on the Alsak River north into the Bering Sea.   My wife makes me do it!  Keeps things interesting. Unfortunately, we will be having a family dinner on the 20th, so we will not be available.  But stay in touch.  It is good to hear from you.
  • Ramona K… Thanks very much for the invite. I would love to come but am currently undergoing treatment for a health concern. Not much fun but it will soon be over and I will be on the road to recovery. I think of Evening Edition Toastmasters often with a great deal of affection. It was so much fun being part of the group. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours
  • Magdalena M… Oh, unfortunately I will be in Phoenix at the global career development conference… next time I will come! J
  • Dan M… My wife Kjersti and I brought our first daughter (Mila) into the world just last week and we are learning how to parent as we speak.  I already have several evening commitments that week so unfortunately, I will choose to decline so I can spend time at home changing diapers and helping how I can with the little one.  Please keep me in the loop of future events such as this as I would love to attend when I can.
  • Joanna P… hello to all. Thank you for the kind invitation but I will be on vacation getting married!  We will be saying ‘I do’ in Las Vegas with my parents and a few friends. 🙂
  • Heidi A…Hello and thank you for the invitation, it’s so nice to hear from you!  I would like to attend but I’m hope alone with my boys tonight so I won’t be able to make it.  Please keep me posted on future events I’d love to try to make it. :)Thanks
  • Dan C…Thank-you for the invitation but I am currently in Brasil. Sorry I won’t be able to attend.  Best,

lillian ros IMG_6327Although I used to think I’d rather die instead of talking in front of a live audience, I can guarantee you it’s the most easily cured disease in the world…I’m living proof the fear can be managed and controlled.  Although I still have much more to learn about speaking effectively, the fear is gone.  But that’s not all.

When I walked into Evening Edition twelve years ago, little did I know about the real power of Toastmasters, and how it would allow me to tap into my potential.  Although I had a successful career, the fear of public speaking had actually held me back.  It’s amazing how far I’ve come from that first day.

Learning at Evening Edition was fun.  I will always be grateful for I had the warm, supportive, amazing group of people who shared in my journey.  Together, we explored our own potential and gifted  ourselves with the courage to break out of our own comfort zones.

Toastmasters the best gift I ever gave myself.  If only I had found a group like Evening Edition far earlier in my life!

Ros Hansen, DTM, Evening Edition Club Mentor

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Hi Ros:

How very wonderful to hear from you and Evening Edition, wow I’m an alumni, feels so… established.

I just went back to a TM meeting last week, ‘Hi I’m Samuel J and it has been 4 years since my last TM meeting’, got a good chuckle.

Just went for a walk through the FB page, really nice to see some familiar shiny faces;) I can’t tell you how much of a difference being in Evening Edition made for me, well one is this – I found that I could contribute to other people, support them past the ‘fear’. Your evaluation trainings, really are at the heart of a quality TM’r, coaching and encouraging people ethically must be one of your top gifts Ros.

Thanks so much for including me here and for all your encouragement in the past.


S Johnson 

Hi Ros,

The evening Chapter was such a wonderful welcoming group.  When I joined I was so nervous and afraid to get up and speak but the group was very encouraging and kind and managed to find something positive to say about my presentations.  If you are like me and are afraid to public speak then I highly recommend the Evening Chapter.  You’ll find that at the end of every speech you will be showered with warm fuzzies (the tiny slips of paper that the group fills out offering words of praise and encouragement).  I treasured those tiny slips of paper!


Violette C


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Hi Ros,
I also wanted to give a big thank you to you guys and everyone else at Evening Edition.  The past year and a half with Evening Edition Toastmasters has done so much for me and my public speaking abilities.  I can say without a doubt it helped me land my new job.  I really can’t say enough the impact that Toastmasters and everyone at Evening Edition has had in my both my professional and personal development, so THANK YOU!
If you could pass my message on the rest of the group that would be awesome.Wish you guys and everyone at EE all the best!I will definitely have to visit you guys when I’m in town.
Thanks again for all of your professional support and guidance.
Manveet D
Hi Ros,
I would just like to say what an incredibly welcoming and warm hearted group you all are. I felt more than welcome from the very first evening I came to ‘see what it was all about’:)  and was hooked from then on.  I love the relaxed nature, the kindness and the constructive support given.  I hope it won’t be too long before I’m back in the area so I can be part of the group and continue improving my public speaking skills once again.

Much love,
Maureen P 

Hi Ros,

I appreciate the opportunity to say how much Toastmasters helped me.  I joined Toastmasters  in Montreal many years ago and loved the concept.  After moving here I again found myself in a position where I had to speak publicly.  Unfortunately, I found that this is a skill that has to be honed and during those in-between years I had lost my confidence and abilities.

Evening Edition gave that back to me.  It was fun, I made new friends and although I was often nervous before attending a meeting, knowing I would have to speak, I always left feeling elated.   It was the support, acceptance and helpful comments by the group that enabled me to exceed my own expectations.  Even better, I felt that I was able to contribute to others’ successes with positive reinforcement through the feedback process, an important component in the Toastmaster model.  I’ve heard people talking about Dale Carnegie training but why spend that money when you can join Toastmasters.

Sue B

Hi Ros,

“I really enjoyed being a part of the Evening Edition Toastmasters Club! I learned a lot, gained confidence and met some really outstanding people who are still my good friends, even if I am no longer in the club!  I would recommend this Particular Club to Everyone!!!

The Jolly Lama

The members were Friendly, Inclusive, Everyone was a Teacher/ a Learner and Good Fun!!!

This Toastmasters Club is Better than Sliced Bread! :-)”    

Nicole W

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