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May 29, 2019 – Open House

June 20, 2018 – 25th Anniversary 

EE 25th Anniversary Celebration alumni copy



We honoured our club members current and past, whose enthusiasm, dedication and energy first set the rungs on the ladder towards what the Club is today. In case you couldn’t join in the celebration, here are some snippets of what you missed….

  • Celebrating our love laugh learn Legacy…Evening Edition has continued to attract a unique group of people with amazing gifts, who exemplify our brand, Love Laugh Learn. The Fun, the Learning, and the Friendships have been amazing.
  • Connecting and Re-Connecting: our shared bond…At Evening Edition continues to amaze me… Seeing us all here together brings brought so many memories of all the years passed.
  • Honouring and Remembering valuable lessons…We’ve faced some stormy weather as we faced sorrow and tragedy, along with many joys and milestone moments in our lives… these experiences brought us closer and made us stronger.
  • Sharing stories…In our glory days, we raided clubs as firefighters, cowboys or ninja warriors.  We remembered our most memorable raid, the infamous attack of the leprechauns, where we videotaped the coveted White Rock ribbon infested banner on a calamity filled trip around White Rock.  The irreverent adventure included a dead raccoon, a live boxer, a toilet, a winery, a police car, being dragged through the mud, and being run over by a car.   Imagine their shock and horror when the White Rock club returned to claim their beloved banner—it was hanging like a rag, ripped, and bedraggled, a sorry excuse for their once proud banner.  Finally, we were forced to drag out their actual banner with ribbons intact, just to stop the weeping.   Mission accomplished.  Later we returned to White Rock to reveal the full extent of the hijinks behind the banner misadventure and share our gleeful and somewhat irreverent video.
  • Welcoming guests…in person and via telegram messages
  • Enjoying fellowship, food, and fun-filled memorable activities…Our not-so hidden secret key to success.
  • Learning our history…I’ve been blessed to have shared so many special memories with other amazing people over the years who take pride in our Love Laugh Learn Thirteen years ago, Evening Edition had just 6 members.  At that time, we took an almost perverse pride in our status as a renegade club with few DCP credits to our name.  It was such a little club.  Early on, Bob our honorary Grand Pooh Bah (covert rabble rouser with lots of shenanigans up his sleeve), had a mission to grow our club, and was wildly successful in establishing a formula that worked. MANY memorable people, past and present, have contributed to our club and the result is that our Love Laugh Learn brand is shining ever brighter.

MANY memorable people stand out.  We were honoured to receive the following  Special Anniversary Telegrams….check out our testimonials page to see what our Alumni had to say!

Following a reading of these greetings, we took a quick celebration trip down memory lane with a musical collage, and several alumni shared a favourite memory in a special Alumni Spotlight feature.

Congratulations to all members, past in present, who are out in the world shining the light on important causes!  Let’s keep moving forward and keep making those memories!  Thank you for sharing and celebrating with us.





January 24, 2018

EE Tribute Thank You

Friday Fabs March 9 2018 P1050461 (1024x637)

November 2014

Congratulations, Robin Apel!   1st Place, Division Humour Contest 


Robin made history tonight, as he became Evening Edition’s first contestant to advance to the District 21 Humourous Speech Contest!

The contest will be held as part  at the Fall Conference.

November 7-8, 2014

Radisson Hotel, Richmond, BC

 Click here for more information about the exciting opportunities the conference offers.

D21 Fall Conf 2014 Banner

We’re looking forward to supporting Robin!  For people who want to attend the contest only, the ticket price is $15.

Thanksgiving and the Fall Speech Contest 261

Camera 360

Reflections from Angelika, 3rd place in Division F


International Speech Contest

Thank you everyone for your love, presence and support. It is so amazing to be part of this wonderful team.  The learning and fun just keep getting better and better.

Angelika Surrey-20130508-00049

For anyone who missed my speech watch below for your enjoyment!
Moving forward from  the Club and at the Area 63 Contest in April 2013, Angelika took her winning speech entitled “What if…?”  to the Toastmaster International  Division F Speech Contest Competition.

Click here to watch Angelika’s Division F Speech: What If?

 20th Anniversary CelebrationTM20Anni-031

TM20Anni-029TM20Anni-027 TM20Anni-040TM20Anni-033TM20Anni-032TM20Anni-018 TM20Anni-037

Raid!!!raid IMG_1056

Even banner raid June '13

 Wrap UP

Summer Meetings

Another group shot Bob, Robert, Daryl, Violette Bob,Violette, Angelika

Evening Edition Toastmasters YouTube Channel

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