Humourous Speech Contest Script

Humourous Speech Contest Script

  1. Contest Chair Opening: 2-3 minutes. Welcome to our club Humourous Speech contest.

Contests provide an opportunity for proficient speakers to improve their speaking abilities, to recognize the best as encouragement gain contest experience, and to allow tm who are not participating in the contest to learn by observing proficient speakers who have benefited from their TM training. Speech contests are an important part of the TM educational program. This is the only contest that originates at the club level, and proceeds through the area, division and district level and regional levels to the International contest. The winner at our club contest tonight will represent the Club/Area at the Area/Division contest.


  1. Humourous Inspiration / Round Robin call on thought for the day – Practice: Laughing – is good, if it’s not at a person…Giggle Chuckle Snicker Guffaw — In a humour contest laughter is so important…it encourages and motivates our contestants and energizes the crowd…all together now, let’s practice. Grab your bellies..or grab someone else’s—get a feather ready to tickle your funny bone…it’s a Free Face Lift.
  1. Rules:
  2. a) Contestants must be members in good standing.
  3. b) Must not hold a district office, or be an incumbent officer.
  4. c) Anyone with a pager or cellular phone should turn it off or place it on silent alarm.
  5. d) No photography of the contestants is allowed during the contest. There will be photo opportunities later.
  6. e) Once the contest has begun, the Sergeant at Arms will limit interruptions. If you need to leave or enter the room, you may do so during the minute of silence between contestants.


  1. Timing: disqualifications: less than four minutes 30 seconds or more than seven minutes thirty seconds

            Lights: Green: 5 minutes Amber: 6 minutes Red: 7 minutes


  1. Procedure:

The speaking order for the contestants is determined by having our contestants draw for position. The order for the contest will be: 1. Name __________________________ 2. Name __________________________

As Contest Chair, I will introduce contestants by stating the person’s name and the title of their speech, and then repeat this. The speech will be 5 to 7 minutes in length.   There will be one minute of silence after each contestant to allow time for the judges to mark their ballots and two minutes after the final contestant, to allow time for the Judges to mark their ballots.

Are all contestants in the room? Are there any questions at this time? We will now begin the Contest.

  1. Introduce Contestants, one at a time.


Next Contestant Note: Ask for one minute of silence. Mister or Madam Time Keeper will you signal me at one minute? After the final contestant, ask for two minutes of silence. Ask the Judges to hold up their ballots for collection. Are there any ballots not yet picked up?


  1. Call for Break

On return, ask contestants to join you in the order of appearance. Ask for applause as they approach stage. Present certificate, and ask each the same question. If time is short, perhaps just the club (area and/or division) they represent and the length of time they have been in Toastmasters. E.g., How long have you been a member of this club, and what is your current project? How did you prepare for this contest? How did you enjoy the experience of the contest? What tip would you give to the rest of us on contests?

  1. Acknowledgements, Appreciation:

Recognize dignitaries in audience. Thank Chief Judge, judges.


  1. Presentation of Awards: Ask Division or District Officer to present trophies. Announce winners, beginning with third place, then second place and finally the first place contestant.
  2. Audience Feedback, Closing comments The winner of tonight’s contest will compete at the Area Contest, which will be held at Ocean Park Community Hall, at the corner of 128th and 16th–7:00 pm on Friday, March 28. Ask for volunteers—we need to supply two judges. Please put that on your calendar, and come out to support the Toastmasters in our Area.
  1. Adjourn the contest.