Conquer Your Fears…Explore the Possibilities

TM20Anni-049By participating in Evening Edition Toastmasters, you will:

Advance more quickly in your chosen field

Become a better conversationalist

Become a better interviewer & interviewee

Become a more effective writer

Become a more sensitive communicator

Boost your ability to focus and evaluate

Conquer Your Fears

Deliver workplace presentations & workshops

Develop Your Own Style of Speaking

Gain self-knowledge

Give effective presentations

Give Impromptu and Prepared Speeches

Have FUN

Improve career opportunities

Improve mentoring skills

Improve your emotional intelligence

Improve your listening skills

Improve your research skills

Improve your self-esteem & confidence

Increase your visibility

Inspire others

Meet New Challenges

Meet People


Open doors to new opportunities

Organize your thoughts

Persuade other people to your viewpoint

Practice effective leadership skills

“WOW” Audiences